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He made sure hard hats were worn at all times. On January 5, January to June 28, Navy, for example, feared that a bridge would obstruct ship traffic. A suspension bridge has two types of parts. Suspension cables connect the deck to the main cables.

Caisson Construction of the Golden Golden gate bridge research paper outline Bridge was the first time anyone had built a suspension bridge that one of its towers was suspended in the ocean. Financing had to be found, and there was much opposition to the very idea of a bridge. San Francisco fender wall completed.

There are strong currents and heavy winds on the bridge site, which made construction dangerous. The cables were constructed high in the air using a process called cable spinning. At the same time the two towers, the highest ever built for a suspension bridge, were started.

The ends of each of the original twelve cables are fastened to the end of the eye-bar chain by clevises. They were far too heavy to carry across the Golden Gate Strait on barges and lift up to the tops of the towers.

Then the process begins again for the next bundle. Therefore, engineers had to balance the tower height and cable size in the final design of the Golden Gate Bridge, making them considerably taller to reduce the tension force in the cables would have been a more difficult and expensive design alternative.

The main forces in a suspension bridge of any type are tension in the cables and compression in the pillars. It as well provides balance to design, fabrication, and erection. He was a tough enforcer of the safety rules, since most workmen were injured by errant flying objects.

San Francisco pier reached its final height of 44 feet above the water. The spinning was a main problem as it not only did it take time for the spinning wheel to travel the mile between the two shores, but the work had to be performed in a precise sequence, in order to create the balance needed for the cables to absorb the proper amount of wind pressure.

It was a radical departure from the common approach of assembling most of the structure on land. The tower is analysed using loads and deflection, which are determined from the global structure analysis previously described.

Work began on the east approach road to the south end of the bridge. The planned cables would be so long and strong that they would need to be constructed in place.

A suspension bridge of that length had never before been built. Strauss and his workers overcame many difficulties: The caisson would enclose a football-field-sized area from which water would be pumped out.

As spools are exhausted, the end of the wire is spliced to the wire from a new spool, forming a continuous strand.

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For my purposes, t is an input, along with the weight per linear foot of bridge actually, half the linear weight as there are 2 cables and the sag is what I aim for.

He struggled to free himself from the tangles of the net underwater.

The sea section build by removing the water to reach to the bedrock so that it can be fixed and not be trembling which might lead the bride to fall. Russell Cone, a local engineer that supervised the safety procedures for all workers.

Measures In an era, where thousands of deaths happens due to construction, chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge Joseph Strauss decided to make a change, he refused to accept the typical ignorance that the workers death were a cost of doing business therefore he had to come up with ideas to prevent accidents from happening on site during their construction and to that end they turn up to wearing the military helmets and constructing a safety net under the bridge [5] Preventive Safety Hats Safety hats were specially modified by local safety equipment Edward W.

The Golden Gate uses the largest bridge cables ever made long enough to encircle the world more than three times at the equator. But the most innovative safety feature at the Golden Gate site was yet to come. First step in any bridge project is to measure the approximate span for the bridge — both ends of which should be at approximately the same elevation — and then decide what exactly you want to be able to cross the bridge.

Purpose of the report This report provides you numerous information about one of the most astonishing suspension bridges in the world, it as well enlighten you with the history, design and the way that they have managed how to maintain the safety while construction was going on.

Throughout the construction of the roadway structure, net made of manila rope was hanged below the floor of the Bridge.An informative speech seeks to help us understand a concept, why the Golden Gate Bridge is able to support so much weight, etc.

All speech topics must be approved.

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Topics will be placed on the wiki. The link is on the webpage. Use your school log on This must be handed in with outline on your speech day. It is MANDATORY.

Speech Outline Exercise 1 point extra credit Below is a blank outline from a speech about the Golden Gate Bridge. Below that, arranged in random order, are the subpoints of this speech.

Choose the appropriate subpoint and write the corresponding number in the appropriate blank in the outline%(1). The writer of the essay "The Golden Gate Bridge Magnificence" seeks to describe his impression from the visiting The Golden Gate Bridge and the beauty.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco bay into the Pacific Ocean. Golden Gate Bridge Research Library School Projects and Educational Resources Assistance with School Projects, including website resources to learn more about suspension bridges, teacher curriculum, making a Bridge model, download a Bridge diagram, Bridge math questions.

THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE I. Introduction Expecting a maximum of 50, people to show-up for the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge's opening, officials were caught unprepared whenarrived, sixteen times the estimated crowd.l The unexpected number of participants resulted in an unprecedented increase in live load.

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