Project report on accessibility of products of hul in rural market

The success of the product prompted the company to sit up and take notice. The operations involve over 2, suppliers and associates. Says Srinivas, "Tea is a widely consumed product with 95 per cent penetration.

At present it has been launched only in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Bihar, but over the next six months it will be rolled out across the country in a phased manner.

HUL enjoys international recognition within Unilever and outside for its quality, reliability and speed of customer service. HUL launched a water purifier in in a district in Chennai.

The vision is to make a billion Indians feel safe and secure.

How HUL won in rural markets

The term sehatmand means health-giving in Hindi. Nearly 70 per cent of the population is deficient in iron, vitamins and minerals. It has 18 Lts capacity ,it has two different colour. Responses that may be given on the questionnaire and during the interview may not be accurate or may have been deliberately given to avoid any unfavorable disclosure by the respondents.

Having covered the popular segment with a thrust on health, HUL felt that great potential lay in the vastly untapped economy segment which makes up a whopping per cent in terms of volume as well as value.

The prices are at a per cent premium when compared to loose tea. HUL and Group companies have about 15, employees, including managers. Hence the data which will be used in this study is primary in nature though I would use secondary data wherever available.

A great product may be fine, but it will be a marketing challenge for HUL. So in Guwahati it is very Popular now a days.

Statistical tools that will be used are Pie charts, Bar graphs and Tabulation apart from statistical techniques based on the requirement of the data collected. Statement of the Problem The after sales service quality differs from organization to organization depending upon its type.

Pureit is basically made for all the customers and its price is normal. This study examines the profiles of the employees and its relation with service maintenance. Then, around four years ago, the company brought out Brooke Bond Natural Care, a tea that used five natural ingredients and promised good health.

But with growing awareness, research showed that these people were concerned about their access to supplements. Further, it will launch an awareness campaign called "Sehatmand Parivar - Sehatmand Bharat" in schools.Hul project 1.

BRIEF HISTORYOver years link with India. RETAILERS CUSTOMERS This is the whole Distribution Chain of HUL to cover the Rural market. The company have remarkably worked upon to make the supply chain from manufacturers to retailers simple with very few number of mediators and jobbers.

Why don’t you keep the products.

This paper is an attempt to find out the various initiatives taken by HUL to reach the rural consumer. Hindustan Unilever is the pioneer and largest player in India’s FMCG market.

Initiatives of HUL in Rural Markets

audio cassettes with song and dance sequences from popular films along with also comprising of advertisements of HUL products. PROJECT STREAMLINE In. Jan 27,  · It will also tap Project Shakti, an initiative HUL started in to increase the company's distribution and provide rural women with income opportunities.

Through this initiative, HUL hires a Shakti Entrepreneur or Shakti Amma who sells the company's products either door-to-door or through shops.

Project Shakti – QN 3 The project was started to explore the business opportunity of the rural market, where the competition will be less than the urban market. The first challenge faced by the Shakti was the low margin to its entrepreneurs and lack of owner ship.

Furthermore, activating the brand in the rural market through activities, which are in line with the brand itself, is what sums up HLL's agenda as far as the rural market is concerned informs MindShare Fulcrum general manager R Gowthaman.5/5(6). United Traders incorporated on May 11 to market Personal Products.

Mr. Prakash Tandon, one of the first Indian covenanted managers, joins HVM. Documents Similar To Project HUL. Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next.

Final Report on Hul.

HUL to shift focus to rural markets, innovation and digital media

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Project Report on Rural Marketing


Project report on accessibility of products of hul in rural market
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