Ritzer mcdonaldization thesis

As in previous editions, the book has been updated and it offers new discussions of, among others, In-N-Out Burger and Pret a Manger as possible antitheses of McDonaldization. They dutifully carry their trash to friendly receptacles marked "thank you.

By that I mean that they deny the basic humanity, the human reason, of the people who work within or are served by them. Some claim that rationalization Ritzer mcdonaldization thesis to "more egalitarian" societies.

They sell the Big Mac, not the Good Mac. Related to calculability, customers know what to expect from a given producer of goods or services. Various online activities require the input of consumers such as Wikipedia entries, Facebook profiles, Ritzer mcdonaldization thesis, Blog, Myspace, Amazon preferences, eBay auctions, Second Life, etc.

Predictability has also extended into movie sequels and TV shows.

George Ritzer

The building, the decorations, and the uniforms are also usually the same. According to Ritzer, the four main dimensions of McDonaldization are: These qualities and similar principles are becoming increasingly important in all aspects of our modern society.

Therefore, schools will become less effective at educating children as they will fail to develop creative thinkers. Aspects[ edit ] Ritzer highlighted four primary components of McDonaldization: This means that they can be quickly and cheaply trained and are easily replaceable. Weber famously used the terminology " iron cage " to describe the stultifying, Kafkaesque effects of bureaucratized life, [6] and Ritzer applied this idea to an influential social system in the twenty-first century: Other examples are many and include: Predictability First is predictability.

George Ritzer and the McDonaldization of Society: Definition and Principles

To better understand globalization, it can be broken down into a few characteristics: It also delves into two subprocesses of globalization — "glocalization" and "grobalization.

In a sociological context that simply means that a rationalized system may result in events or outcomes that were neither anticipated or desired, and in fact, may not be so good. Workers in these organizations are judged by how fast they are instead of the quality of work they do.

He has written approximately one hundred scholarly articles in respected journals. Also, calculability leads to the idea that the longer the resume or list of degrees, the better the candidate, during an application process.

Mu, Mp, and Mo. Bibliography[ edit ] George Ritzer has published many monographs and textbooks. While it is possible to create a new original MOOC every semester, it is more likely a basic structure will be created and subsequently altered each time in order to make their creation more efficient.

Throughout the food production, everything is standardized and highly calculated: Slater [8] argues that the class size, layout and pedagogy in Peru closely resemble that of America, with clear examples of Western culture focused on efficiency of transfer of knowledge in other parts of the world.

Two of their most appealing qualities are convenience and affordability. Visiting Professor, University of SalzburgAustria The size and weight of a burger that you buy are the same as the size and weight of a burger someone else buys - and the bigger, the better.

The final chapter also looks at "The DeMcDonaldization of Society", and concludes that while it is occurring on the surface, McDonaldization is alive and well. Yet, these textbooks are surprisingly sold out worldwide, only to be slightly revised to reflect local standards.

All aspects of the process are easily controlled. The local individuals are able to manipulate their own situation in the world and become creative agents in what products and services are represented in their local environment within the glocalized world.McDonaldization is a concept developed by American sociologist George Ritzer which refers to the particular kind of rationalization of production, work, and consumption that rose to prominence in the late twentieth century.

The basic idea is that these elements have been adapted based on the. Overview. McDonaldization is the term invented by George Ritzer to describe a sociological phenomenom that is happening in our society. You may think it started with Ray Kroc in the 's when he bought his first hamburger restaurant, but it's origins were actually much earlier than that.

In fact, Henry Ford was the first McDonaldization. `Ritzer here revisits and extends the ground-breaking theory he first fully expounded in in The McDonaldisation of Society, since when he has published a number of papers which take the thesis further and on which this book builds.4/5(4).


George Ritzer (born October 14, ) is an American sociologist, ) contained essays on Ritzer's McDonaldization thesis; Mark Alfino, John Caputo and Robin Wynyard edited a volume, McDonaldization Revisited (Greenwood Press, ), also including essays on McDonaldization.

Few recent sociology books have succeeded in capturing the imagination more than George RitzerÆs The McDonaldization of Society, which has become an international bestseller and has been translated into eleven languages.

The book stimulated thought and discussion throughout the sociological community. In this sequel, Ritzer moves on. `Ritzer here revisits and extends the ground-breaking theory he first fully expounded in in The McDonaldisation of Society, since when he has published a number of papers which take the thesis further and on which this book builds.

Ritzer mcdonaldization thesis
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